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Step 1: 

First Download com_tlptestimonial-1.0.0-UNZIPFIRST from 

Then install the component and module in your Joomla 3.x web site

Step 2:

Then go to the Components Menu and see the TLP Testimonial


Step 3: 

Now You will see the main view of testimonial Component 

Step 4: First you can change the settings of image directory and size and others like how many show in component list view and image area width


You can edit the settings by clicking the link


Step 5: Add Edit Testimonial

Add  New Testimonial if you want to arrange by category then add category first otherwise keep same

 Step 6: Add Category

Step 7: Front end Menu link

First Enable the permission so front end user can submit Testimonial


Step 8: Create Menu link

Module Setup

First go to Extensions -> Module Manager

Then search TLP Testimonia  and enable it in proper module position and published it

Then follow the following settings of module parameters



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