TLP Responsive Google Map

Provide the Address by this format->Street, City, Country.

How to install:

1. First download in your local pc then unzip it.

2. Then login your website administrator and install both and

3. Then go to Extensions->TLP Team

4. You will get two Sub menu Teams & Settings

5. Now you can click settings to change default settings

6. Now click on Image Path link you can change the default settings.

7. Now go to Teams link to add new members for social icon if it is blank then now show in front end

8. Admin list view of member profile

9. Now make menu link to show in front end and the profile will display.

10. To enable module to to Module manage find "TLP Team" set the module position then published and save


if face any issue or find any bug fell free to mail me I will provide free support This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Step 1: Download our TLP Responsive Google Map module to your desktop
Step 2: Log into your Joomla Dashboard
Step 3: In the top menu, hover over Extensions and then click Extension Manager
Step 4: Under Upload Package File, click browse and select the module you downloaded to your desktop, then click Upload & Install.
Step 5: In the top menu, hover over Extensions and click Module Manager.
Step 6: Set your business times in module tab.
Step 7: Publish the module.
Step 8: Assign a position.
Step 9: Under Menu Assignment, select which pages to show the module on. You can do this by either setting Module assignment to On all Pages, or by individually clicking on each page in the list below.
Step 10: Finally Click Save & Close.